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Home » 2016 » November » 1 » He wanted to steal her iPhone, but she stole his self-eseem!
5:47:24 PM
He wanted to steal her iPhone, but she stole his self-eseem!
Let’s say you are standing in the sub, waiting for someone and checking texts on your iPhone. What would you do if a man comes up and snatches it from your hands? What this tiny girl did to a huge man will leave you shocked and laughing so hard! The girl looks quite fragile and easy to rob. So, this big guy thinks she is an easy prey and grabs her iPhone. That’s about time for him to learn the vital lesson in life: never, ever touch the girl’s iPhone! Or what? Well, or you have to do this for the next 10 minutes! The lady did not start crying for help. She did not call the police. She did not break down crying. What she did left the guy laying on the floor of the sub hugely embarrassed and crouching in pain! Can you guess what she did? Well, you better watch this short video. It will make your day, guaranteed! Laugh, enjoy and share with your friends! The girl deserves the publicity and popularity for her brave act of self-defense. The man from now on may become mortally afraid of slim girls with iPhones! What a failed robbery!
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