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Home » 2016 » November » 1 » The art of this driver in towing is just amazing! (VIDEO)
5:51:03 PM
The art of this driver in towing is just amazing! (VIDEO)
How many vans can you tow with one SUV a time? It’s not a riddle. It’s a reality. This guy seems to know a secret, as the number of vans he is towing is shocking! See what he does. Now here you go. Start counting. There goes one and two, are there more? Is this even legal? It seems like the guy is using just one tow to get them all attached to his car. No drivers are seen in the yellow vans. Interesting, how does he make the turn or halt? This looks crazy and unbelievable, but the short video was taken in Lagos, Nigeria. No wonder they have the traffic jams there! This guy decided to save time and gasoline and make just one trip instead of three! And the other driver risks getting in trouble and creating an accident, but nonetheless, takes up his camera and starts filming instead of paying attention to the road! Enjoy the video and never try to repeat this dangerous towing trick! Enjoy! This video is amusing and unbelievable. Hopefully you do not meet a guy like this, while you drive.
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