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Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019, 8:54:56 AM
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I own a fashion website hosted by another site and still managed to display ads for another publisher site earning $0.01 per click and realised it wasnt much untill a friend introduced me to this site(Thumbs Up Nikky) I earn nothing less than $1000 per day and really the interface is cool and easy to use unlike some other sites and seriously?? They take only 30% even though its their job to distribute my adlinks and mine to just sit back and improve my website.


Heyy! I do use Adsense for my website and also a few advertisers medium on my site until I realised I wasnt earning much due to the number of clicks on my ads and decided to search the net for a distributor and stumbled on this site. I used it for a few months and wow! I earned a reasonable amount of money in months. And I hope the daily contest they just introduced works well for me.


I didnt believe I could earn much at first until I saw one of my ads on my browser and decided to check my adfly account cause I'm an adfly user. I couldnt believe what I saw in 1month I moved from $0.02168 to $500. Now I'm a constant user of Adsland and earn $12000 a month just sitting with my laptop.


I never believed it was possible to earn a living through a website that acts as a third party for advertising and advertisers. I earn nothing less than a total of $250000 every 6months and 5% of what i earn goes to the thoughtful owner of this site.TO START CLICK here

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