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Friday, 19 Apr 2019, 10:11:33 PM
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Fist Coin is the first of it's kind, a special cryptocurrency ready to change the world. In about two years it is said to beat the total average of all crypt I currencies because of a new policy introduced. It can only be gotten by one means, and that by trading in for other cryptocurrecies. The launch of fistcoin is July 23rd,2017 and they will be conducting a free to be sponsor program by donating to their cause and becoming a member of the board before their launch. A lot of people have already started investing in fistcoin. Do not wait till it raises up in the market and you can't afford it. PRICE OF 1Fc ==> $300,£257, which are the major currencies. But in order to purchase it, you have to convert your cash to any cryptocurrency and then donate before the release date. An upcoming cryptocurrency who's prices is this high is definitely going to skyrocket in two years or less.
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